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Fly Tying

Ozzy Native Flies was initially started during the peak of covid lockdown, with the sole purpose to sell the flies I was already tying for a hobby. I developed a new line of flies for the purpose of fishing for Murray Cod. 

The Frog Popper tied exclusively on the Ahrex PR 378. This fly rides hook point up and receives more attention than the Cod Popper. It can be cast in the snaggiest of spots and just swims out. I have not lost one of these to a snag in over a year’s fishing the fly. The size and shape are based on the successful Cod Popper while the legs are bucktail and really bring this fly to life when it’s swimming. This is not a small fly and is tied on a 6/0.








During our last winter, I designed a cicada tied on the same hook (size 4/0 – Sickada).

I knew it would work but chose not to sell an unproved fly but gave them away. Our Cicada hatch was late and I had numerous strikes on the fly when I first fished it, but V2 was in my fly box and it was an instant “boof” and hook-up when I changed to it. It is a controversial concept/fly as I use   two Ahrex PR 378 hooks and create a double. Note that our ancestors and today’s Salmon fishermen also use double and trebles on the flies they tie and fish so nothing new there.

There is more innovation on its way but for now it’s time to fish hard for our Native Murray Cod.


Cod Fly Fishing

Murray Cod are an Australian icon. They are unique in looks and are undoubtedly one of the hardest fish to fly fish for in Australia.

I have developed flies that behave like their food or to provoke a strike. These flies have caught countless Murray Cod across many Victorian rivers although they are being used in other states. I look forward to helping others in their quest to catch our Murray Cod or Yellow Belly.

Yella 2.jpg


I have fished for cod for quite a while and have worked out their prime feeding time so this is when I guide. Last light and first light.

I prefer to offer the evening session for beginners so that I can take them through the outfits. Rods, reels, lines, leaders and tippets. Knots and rigging of particular flies followed by a casting session on the river. A quick, light dinner has us on the water well before prime time and gives the customer ample time to fine tune their casting and retrieves. We then fish our way up or downstream depending on the chosen spot until the light runs out, then make our way back to the vehicles for some refreshments and debrief.

Fly fisherpersons with a reasonable casting stroke can look at fishing the dawn session but there is no time for practice then as we go straight into prime time and the bite slowly slows as the sun goes up.

If you are up for the two sessions, then it’s perfect. You will have had time to practice casting and retrieving flies on dusk with a good chance of getting a cod strike and go straight into it the next morning. You will need a reasonable amount of river fitness (4-5km walk), gaiters or waders if you have them while I will supply flies and fly fishing outfits. A small backpack for drinks because you will be thirsty and I can only carry so much. A good pair of polaroid sunglasses will help you and protect your eyes. Quick dry clothing depending on the weather is really helpful.

I’ll supply the sunscreen and insect repellent but you’ll need to bring your own hat.

I can supply a tent and stretcher bed/mattress but you’ll need your own sleeping bag pillow if you intend to fish both dusk and dawn but we camp out in the bush and amenities are non-existent so a shovel comes in handy. I can organise a camp site with amenities close to where we fish but that will incur a small surcharge and can mean waking up earlier than normal to pack the camp. It’s your choice.

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